Greenacre Core Services

GPS Accounting

General Ledger / Financial Reporting

Monthly and annual financial reporting is made seamless and facilitates the CPA annual review process by reducing their effort in preparing their annual report. This translates to a lower cost for the association because of less time required by the CPA. Standard reports include - Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger Compilation Report, Delinquent Report, Prepaid Assessments Report, Open Payable Report and Check Register. All journal entries are clearly accounted for by an audit trail and bank statements are reconciled monthly. Financial statements are also available to Board members via under the secured Board members only section.

Online Accounts Receivable System

GPS offers A/R information to Board members over the internet via our secured web server site. Along with queries on individual homeowners, Board members can view and print reports including prepaid/past due, aging and customer master. We will receive calls concerning account balances, title company sales, attorney information, vendor's questions and the like. Receivables are reduced through timely monthly homeowner billing statements, lockbox services, and convenient on-line payment service to owners. A monthly delinquency report is provided for ease in determining collection status on any account.

past due balance

Your Reports can be customized with our GPS Accounting system

Online Accounts Payable System

GPS will prepare checks at least twice a month for all open invoices approved for payment. We scan all open invoices, and back up documentation for viewing and approval by Board members. Checks are printed in our office with the Board members digital signature and mailed the same day that they are approved for payment by the Board. This has dramatically increased the speed and efficiency in which checks are processed for our clients and keeps the Board in control of the association's expenditures at all times.

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GPS Inspect

GPS Inspect Software

GPS inspect reduces the time spent in creating and tracking deed restriction violation letters and work orders by more than 80%. The days of using a legal pad and a digital camera are over with GPS inspect. Violations can be observed by the inspector or called in by the homeowner. In either case, GPS inspect creates a letter with the correct information including a color picture in minutes. With GPS inspect your administrative staff cost can be reduced by at least 25%.

Manage Your Community Violations with Your Smartphone or Tablet.

GPS Inspect

Deed Restriction Violation Letters incorporate a picture of the violation and GPS location for the homeowners’ convenience.

GPS Inspect

Community Web Portal

GPS will provide Homeowners and Directors easy access to current association information via our web portal. With these web services, Homeowners can see their own violations, account balance status, make payments online and print documents and forms. Also, Board members will have their own portion of the portal with the ability to review financial reports along with homeowner violations and delinquency status in a dedicated, secure, password-protected area that’s not available to all members of the association on the web portal site.

GPS Portal
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GPS Dashboard

By providing access to your Community's information with our dashboard, you will have the ability to support internal staff and homeowners’ with any informational needs. You can utilize our standard dashboard or our GPS team will customize a version for your Community.

GPS Dashboard Home

Areas within the Dashboard:

Property Profile (Full Overview)
Residents Information (For All Residents or Lessees)
Management (Outside Management or others with access)
Registration (Vehicles, Boats, Keys, Etc.)
Architectural (Approval & Pictures)
Legal (Tracking property Status)
Guest Passes (Pool, RV, Etc.)
Reports (Standard or Custom)
GPS Dashboard Property Profile

Review Homeowners’ Account Balances or Violation History Quickly!

GPS Dashboard Account Overview
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Additional Services

GPS LED Lighting

Greenacre Professional Services specializes in applying substantial cost mitigation strategies for its customers by identifying efficiencies, technologies and systems which can help communities become more financially sustainable. LED lighting has become one of the most visible and effective technologies for gaining substantial savings for our customers and improving the overall look and feel of their communities. LED lighting provides several cost reduction opportunities, from maintenance and lamp replacement savings to energy savings in both HVAC and energy costs, by reducing traditional lighting systems energy use on an average of 65-80%!

Board & Management Training

We offer your Board members training to assist them in understanding their fiduciary responsibility. Our online training programs will support the General Managers and provide new ideas and for your community.

Document Scanning

Eliminate stacks of paper and transform the most important data from your documents into actionable digital information. Store, search, view and collaborate on documents securely online using our easy web-based storage and retrieval system.

Violation Letter Processing

Once you document a violation using your smartphone, we will do the rest. We will print and mail the letters to your homeowners from our office!

Record Storage & Inspection Preparation

Our record storage is in the same building as the accounting staff, for ease access to any archived file of your community. Prepare, inspect and collaborate on documents in our climate controlled records storage area.

Coupons & Mail House Services

GPS mails coupons or statements to owners to use in making maintenance fee payments. Owners mail their payments back to the association lock-box. Our mail room can support all other mailings required by your association.

Amenities Restoration and Management

We create and develop a new beginning for your facility. Operation services include: renovations, start ups, pre-opening services, budget management and staff training. GPS will develop facility and pool maintenance management guidelines, including energy savings programs, maintenance and repair assessments for the entire facility.

Greenacre Realty Services

Let us help you with your delinquent units. Our program provides Boards with another option to obtain delinquent assessments and maintain responsible tenants in your unit. Our rental/management program provides for a higher level of coordination with gate cards, garage openers and better collection of tenant information in units.

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